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Real Estate Appraisals

We are a full-service appraisal company with a team of experienced State Certified Appraisers. We cover the New Jersey market area.
We provide prompt, professional, cost effective real estate appraisals for a variety of clients including home owners, lenders, attorneys, accountants for any purpose in which an accurate real estate appraisal is required. We are a leading New Jersey real estate appraisal firm specializing in Residential Valuations.

Home Appraising Group focuses exclusively on the New Jersey market area. With over 15 years' experience, Chief Appraiser Brad Harley (Certified Residential) brings an expertise that provides his clients with the insight, quality and analysis they expect and require.  We are dedicated to providing competent, courteous and prompt services to all our clients be it homeowners or industry professionals.

We are FHA & VA Approved! 

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We Cover the following Counties in New Jersey 
Cape May
We service the following Property Types
  • Single Family Residences
  •  Condominiums/Townhomes
  •  Custom Homes
  • Manufactured
  • Estates / Luxury Homes
  •  Ocean Front / Water Front
  •  Complex Assignments
  • Vacant Land
We provide the following Valuation Services
Appraisal Review
Bail Bonds 
Cast Out Refinance 
Cash Value 
Casualty Loss
Collateral Valuation 
Conventional Lending 
Date of Death 
Desk Review 
Earthquake Damage  
Employee Relocation
Estate Planning 
Expert Witness
Family Transfer
FHA & VA Approved
Fire Damage / Loss  
Financial Planning 
Foreclosure / REO 
Hard Money
Home Measurement Services
New Construction
PMI Removal 
Portfolio Valuation
Pre-Foreclosure & Short Sales 
Pre-Listing, Pre-Purchase, FSBO's 
Rental Survey 
Reverse Mortgage 
Tax Appeals
Tax Valuation
Trusts / Gifts
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Home Appraising Group
Home Appraising Group with its team of experienced and top-notch local appraisers has excelled to the top of the industry by offering great customer service, accurate appraisals and quick turn times.  
Brad Harley our Sr. Appraiser has over 15 years’ experience with over 10,000 appraisals to his credit and is considered one of the top appraisers in New Jersey. Mr. Harley worked in various aspects of real estate and partnered with several residential real estate appraisal companies before forming Home Appraising Group, Inc. in 2011.  Word quickly spread of his high-quality work and demand for his services grew.  He recruited some of his friends from prior real estate positions and many of the employees to this day are friends and family of the original core group.  This makes for a very sincere and loyal group of employees who are dedicated to Brad’s mission. 
Our mission is to provide the best quality residential real estate appraisal while being maximally efficient.  Many of our satisfied customers include banks and other mortgage related lenders who need appraisals for home purchases, refinances, foreclosures and numerous other banking purposes.  Other clients include homeowners, attorneys, real estate agents and others who use our services for estate purposes, divorces, tax appeals, trusts and much more.  Your satisfaction is very important to us.  Your referrals resulting from your satisfaction mean a lot to us because they bring us even more referrals of hopefully to-be satisfied customers. 
Professionalism and integrity are critical when working with an appraiser and we pride ourselves in providing you with competitive rates as well as the best possible experience.  
Give us a call today with any questions you might have at: 973-313-5030

Julie R.
I own a very unique property in Bucks County, PA and have had a few appraisals completed over the years, I must say Home Appraising Group was the most professional, from the office staff to the appraiser, Mr. Brad Harley.  The Appt was set immediately and the appraiser even called about 30 minutes before his arrival, Brad was on time, dressed professional, (which I must say I have had an appraiser come out late and wearing jogging pants and a t shirt), Brad was very thorough and asked many questions about the property, such as renovations, land, well and septic, etc.  He took his time and listened to all I had to say about the property and it being very unique to the area, he carefully measured the property and took over 50 pictures, I was extremely happy with the whole process from the beginning to the end when I received what I would consider the best appraisal report I have ever had completed.  I would highly recommend Home Appraising Group and Brad Harley.  
Mr. Harley, you may use any outside pictures of the property that you would like.  
Thank you again for a wonderful experience.  
Julie R
2 Months Ago
Verified Customer
James Kadingo
As a mortgage lender, we review appraisals as a daily practice. Home appraising group not only does the job right but has always been willing to take the time to explain the details to us, as well as the homeowner. This may sound like it should be standard, but that's not always the case in our experience. 5 stars for knowledge and service.
1 Year Ago
Verified Customer
Beth Bradley
Happy with the service.  From the first phone call, I was provided with information on what to expect.  A number of services were described and the person on the phone helped me decide what service I needed. The inspector was knowledgeable and polite.  He understood my needs and provided the report in a timely manner.
6 Months Ago
Verified Customer
Frank Canna
At Home Appraising Group, Brad Harley is constantly focused on being responsible for the entire interaction that takes place between his company and their clients. As owner and company founder, Harley understands the importance of giving his clients every reason to believe they are dealing with someone who has the capability, knowledge and experience to get the job done right the first time. He knows it’s all about being trustworthy, accountable and remaining focused on satisfying the needs of his clients, while creating an overall friendly experience. A quality experience his clients just can’t get from any other home appraisal company.  
Ps- Since our home was only on the market a few months before it was sold, we’re sure glad we got a professional opinion of price from Home Appraising Group before it was listed.
2 Years Ago
Verified Customer